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Interclubs League

£10 per competitor in teams of four.

Two team members jump at 75cm, the other two at 90cm.

Two rounds each. All teams jump round 1 then all teams jump round 2 (changed course, against the clock).

Leg 1 Connell Hill on Sunday 22nd October, hosted by Magheragall Riding Club.

Course walk from 11am, jumping starts at 11.30am.

      Results: We sent four strong teams to Connell Hill and they clocked up a 1st, a 3rd and a sixth. In addition, Vikki Fox and Joni won the fastest speed round. Again! 


Leg 2 Lessans (Saintfield) on Sunday 19th November, hosted by Downshire Riding Club.

Course walk from 11.30am, jumping starts at 12 noon.

Our annual AGM and Awards night
Venue: Temple Golf Club
Date: Thursday 21st September
Time: 19:30
Who is invited?
All members and anyone interested in joing Downshire Riding Club next year.
What happens?
There's a whole lot of chat about the club, finances, the committee, but we quickly get on to the best part of the evening: prizes and awards, then food.
We've had a really successful year with some outstanding achievements by our members, and some really promising youngsters in the junior section. The AGM/Awards Night is a great opportunity to celebrate these achievements.
Anyone who would like to donate a prize for the ballott, please can you give it to a committee  member, or bring it along on the night.

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